10/12/21 - Category 2


Amarenco and PSS have joined forces in Thailand to not only improve the economic competitiveness of Thai companies and Global companies with Thai footprint thanks to savings on energy bills but also to deploy climate resilient and climate mitigating agricultural infrastructures for the benefit of Thai farmers.

PSS, the most preferred and trusted partner for Solar photovoltaic Projects in Thailand and Amarenco Group, global leader in photovoltaic energy production, announce the signing of a joint-venture: PSS AMARENCO & CO. Through this JV, the two solar experts combine their expertise in order to implement 500 MWp over the next 3 to 5 years and to save.

Today, solar photovoltaic energy represents an increasingly important part of the world’s electricity production and is becoming the dominant source of energy.
This is because solar energy is one of the best decarbonising solutions to mitigate climate change while being the most competitive source of power generation. It also contributes to Thailand energy sovereignty and therefore long-term energy independence. Finally, by investing in solarized crop and livestock production infrastructures, also called “agri-pv infrastructures”, Thailand has also the potential to increase its food independence.
This is what PSS AMARENCO & CO stands for.

PSS is seeding the JV with a number of already successfully completed projects, notably Seacon Square rooftop which is the largest single roof in Thailand. Located in Bangkok, Seacon Square is a large indoor shopping mall that opened in 1994. The building is 500 metres long, making it one of the largest shopping malls in Thailand. The owners of Seacon Square will save ฿ 550,000,000 on their energy bills over the next 20 years thanks to the solarized rooftop and the top floor solarized carpark, while at the same time protect the vehicles of their clients from the heat during the summer!

From left to right: Sam Yamdagni (PSS CEO), Alain Desvigne (Amarenco Group CEO), Prote Sosothikul (Seacon Square Director)

Finergreen, financial advisor dedicated to renewable financing in Asia and globally, advised Amarenco on its C&I expansion in South East Asia.

Alain Desvigne, Amarenco Group CEO, states: « It is really amazing to be able to partner with Sam Yamdagni who is a successful serial entrepreneur and a previous corporate executive in several multinationals, as well as with his partner Prote Sosothikul, Seacon Square Director. I am also very excited to deploy our 15 bn Baht joint investment plan in Thailand thanks to this partnership – solar makes so much sense in this country!!! Such ‘glocal’ partnerships prove to be the winning strategy of Amarenco Group across Asia, Europe and Middle East. »

Davide Pacheco, Amarenco Group CFO, added: « We’re thrilled to unfold full sail our presence in Thailand with a solid partner. The PSS Amarenco partnership is a powerful combination, it strategically aligns both companies for the long-term by combining the strength of Amarenco Global footprint with PSS dedicated focus and expertise in the country. Another important milestone for Amarenco RE.Generation commitment and conviction.»

« We are extremely excited to have Amarenco as our JV partner. With deep expertise in PV, Storage, AgriPV, Wind etc and deep commitment Hydrogen and EV, Amarenco has a dynamic team highlighted by their engagement and agility to bring pioneering solutions that unify stakeholders to make strong ecological commitments. We are committed to the purpose of “RE.Generating Thailand with Green Power”.» said Sam Yamdagni, PSS CEO.

Finergreen is proud to keep playing an active role in the solar C&I space year after year in South East Asia. The PSS/Amarenco partnership is a testimony of our capabilities to ally an exemplary local developer (PSS) with a European leader like Amarenco. Growth prospects are still huge for C&I in Thailand, and this JV is a prime example of that. We look forward to seeing it thrive.” declares Jade Relmy from Finergreen.

De gauche à droite: Sam Yamdagni (CEO de PSS), Davide Pacheco (Directeur Financier Amarenco Group)