An expert in 4 areas, we can support and manage your product from start to finish.






We are experts in structuring investments, bank financing and crowdfunding.
We have extensive experience in financing and investment structure for ready-to-build projects and for operational asset acquisitions.
We provide investment and finance solutions that include equity, quasi-equity, crowdfunding and non-recourse bank financing.
We define the most suitable financing models for the best possible return on investment


We are experts in obtaining all the required authorisations for financing and managing your projects thanks in particular to our talents in technical, legal, fiscal and commercial engineering.


We are experts in the project construction phase using our complete and specialised expertise in contracting and project management and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to safety and security.


We provide professional asset management services to ensure and improve the performance and therefore the profitability of assets over the long-term.
We are experts in technical, administrative, insurance, security and financial management of photovoltaic power plants.

Who better than Amarenco’s teams to present our business? Read more about their everyday and join us.

Group Executive Chairman and CEO EMEA

John Mullins (Regional CEO, EMEA)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

I chair the board of the company and am responsible for Europe, Middle East and North Africa. My tasks include managing a diverse team across international boundaries, our partners and our professional supporting services.

What do you particularly like about your job ?

Everyday presents a new challenge in Amarenco and I am delighted to be surrounded by brilliant professionals who are committed to decarbonising our plant and adding value to our shareholders.

CEO Iberia

Elsa Lemos Ferreira (CEO Iberia)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

I’m responsible for the P&L of Iberia. I have to design and build the business plan for Iberia aligned with the corporate objectives, mission and values of Amarenco Group, plan and execute project development such as greenfield, partnerships, acquisitions and lead it until completion maintaining relationships with the stakeholders and industry of the sector

What do you particularly like about your job ?

The opportunity to contribute to the production of clean energy sources and a more sustainable future, knowing that I’m doing something that will one day make a difference in the future “.

Project Manager

Paul Dicker (PM Ireland)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

As Head of Development for Ireland, my role involves guiding new solar projects through the entire early stage development process. This task begins when I first set foot on a potential solar farm and incorporates the oversight of the various stages of project development, including feasibility studies, land acquisition/legals, municipal planning, and grid connection process. Once the project has overcome these hurdles it can then participate in the following Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS) auction organised by the Irish Department of Energy. Securing a guaranteed price for electricity generated allows the project to acquire bank financing, thereby paving the way for its subsequent construction.

What do you particularly like about your job ?

I particularly enjoy the wide variety of places my job takes me, from sitting in the offices of a large investment bank in the City of London to a muddy field in rural Ireland discussing grid connection routes with local landowners. From one day to the next, Amarenco has brought a great deal of variety into my professional life, making for a very exciting and challenging work environment.

Senior Financial Accountant

Philomena Hayes (Sr Financial Accountant, Amarenco Solar Limited – Ireland)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

As a senior financial accountant some of my responsibilities include:
Set up month end timelines and processes
Management of the Group AP function
Implementation of a Treasury Management System
Liaising with business development partners and construction manager to ensure appropriate accounting for all solar PV renewable energy assets
Managing a team of 3 people

OWhat do you particularly like about your job ?.

I really like the variety within my job. No two days are the same.

M&A Manager

Daniel Lopes (M&A Manager, Amarenco France)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

As part of the Amarenco’s strategic development, I’m in charge of the execution of the external growth opportunities identified in France (acquisition of PV assets or companies);
My job consists in managing the full M&A process from screening new opportunities up to Closing with the help and support of my colleagues from various departments (legal, operations, finance, tax, insurance, etc);

What do you particularly like about your job ?

There is no routine in this job ! Every transaction is different, and the variety of subjects covered has no limit!

Head of Legal

Hélène Merveille (Head of Legal. Amarenco France)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

Support and secure the company's activities by providing legal advice and tools to all departments and manage the legal team.

What do you particularly like about your job ?

Supporting operational staff in their green energy projects, making them concrete in a dynamic and convivial atmosphere.

Financial controller

Sylvain Pont (Financial controller, Amarenco France)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

Main responsibilities and tasks of financial controller are to create links and support/coordinate the accounting and financial departments, the various decision-making bodies and the company's operational units.
I particularly like acting and adapting with a lot of different people’s profile on two main aspects.

What do you particularly like about your job ?

Effectiveness, "Doing the thing right”: Achieving the objectives set whether the most efficient way is used.
Efficiency, "Doing the right thing”: The optimization of the resources used in the realization of a task.

Head of Asset Management and O&M

Antoine Charitat (Head of Asset Management and O&M, Amarenco France)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

I currently am Head of Operation and Maintenance at Amarenco Services, leading a team of eighteen. My role is to define the objectives of the Business Unit and implement Key Performance Indicators in order to track the financial stability of the services while anticipating and overtaking any potential risks and expend the scope of Amarenco Services worldwide. Our team ensures on a daily basis that all PV plants under our watch perform to the highest standards by managing the interventions and repairs required for their optimal operation. We are also responsible for real time monitoring of our PV plants as well as the administrative management of the SPVs.

What do you particularly like about your job ?

I enjoy there being no routine in my job and that every day is a new challenge.
Amarenco is constantly moving and growing making being part of it a thrilling experience.

Head of Design Engineering

Sébastien Ortega (Head of Design Engineering, Amarenco France)

What’s your job in Amarenco ?

Within the Engineering hub, I am involved in the Qualification / Technical Expertise process including, among other, the validation of the design for the AMARENCO Group photovoltaic projects.
Depending on the origin of the projects to be qualified / evaluated, the Engineering hub can intervene at each phase of project development.
Autonomous work, rigor, responsiveness and organization are part of the different qualities to carry out daily missions.

What do you particularly like about your job ?

With the dynamics of Amarenco group, I find it rewarding to work on varied and large-scale projects with local characteristics specific to each country.