30/06/22 - Category 2


Today we are releasing our ESG 2021 report, Amarenco’s first sustainability report.

This is an important step in our drive for transparency, opening up the discussion about our mission and how we deliver on it to everyone.

Because our mission is to help our clients achieve carbon neutrality, increase their economic competitiveness and create additional sources of value for themselves and their local communities, while regenerating the earth’s ecosystem. 

This report is an annual gathering of our ESG projects and results that we want to involve as many people as possible.

Our teams are working hard to produce clean energy, reduce our footprint, remove asbestos, create wildlife habitat, improve our experience as employees and develop local communities.

That’s what we wanted to capture in this document, which is an initial summary of the highlights of 2021. We will soon focus on iconic and meaningful actions that shape the engagement and drive the attractiveness of our company.